Learn to Ride – (LTR) $595

This course is developed for ANYONE wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle for the first time, those whom have a bit of experience, and those whom have ridden before but perhaps it has been a few years or more since their last ride. The target of this program is to set you up with a very good and safe foundation skill level of riding to help you get your motorcycle licence.

Learn to Ride- Females only (LTRF) $595

During the season we will be providing some select dates where we will teach a course exclusively to women. We have found over the years of teaching that it can create a less intimidating learning environment and develop some great camaraderie. This course would be perfect for a group of friends all wanting to learn to ride together.

Basic Maintenance Course approx 1 hr (BMC) $120

This course is designed to give all riders the confidence to do minor work and repair on their motorcycle; things to check regularly, what needs to be lubricated, oil changes etc. We have found that knowing more about your motorcycle and how things work can be very empowering and helps gain confidence when riding as well as when you take your motorcycle in for bigger services.

Advance Riding Skills (ARS) TBD

This program is designed to help expand the confidence level of riders that have a bit of experience and would like to learn more skills to make them a better and safer rider on the road. Riding on the streets has its own dangers and learning to read the road, as well as other drivers, and predicting behaviors is a very good skill to make you safer on the road. This course requires you to use your own motorcycle, learning on your own bike will help you build confidence and the feel for your bike. Dates will be set on a demand basis. Starting mid-season.

Day Road Trips (DRT) TBD

As the season progresses, some riders may want to enjoy heading out towards the mountains on some secondary roads with a group that is at the same skill level. We will head out in small groups and learn how to read the road, getting away from city traffic and enjoying twisty roads on a beautiful day in the foothills of the mountains. This course requires you to use you own motorcycle, learning on yours will help you build confidence and feel for your bike.

Dates will be set on a demand basis. Starting mid-season.

Road Test Motorcycle Rentals ($80/ $120 )

For all our students that have graduated from our course, we can provide you with a motorcycle, helmet, jacket and gloves if needed; and deliver them to the registry your are booked in with on the day in question. A fee of $80 will be applied for the delivery and use of our motorcycle for your test. To others wanting to rent a motorcycle for their road test, the fee is $120.

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