Shifting Motorcycle School is school based in Calgary started by Ryan Cuddy.

Cuddy is the licenced Senior Instructor and has over 5 years of experience teaching in different motorcycle training schools in Calgary. He has over 30 years of experience of riding different style motorcycles in over 35 countries. He opened Shifting motorcycle school to give students an opportunity to learn safely in a controlled environment with small class sizes and with a personal touch.

Cuddy has had a passion for teaching and racing his entire life. At a very young age growing up in Switzerland he migrated to anything that had an engine. Riding motorcycles for pleasure and for work. He worked as a medical motorcycle courier; having to deal with urgent deliveries while navigating traffic, narrow roads and local riding laws. All very instrumental in the development of his own safe riding skills and an important part of what he brings to the classes.

His enthusiasm for motor sports didn’t stop at motorcycles. When he was still living in Europe, he would regularly participate in local gymkhanas, hill climbs in the Swiss Alps and European road rallies. When he moved to Canada, he attended SAIT and completed the automotive service technology program and worked in various automotive shops. He later went to Germany and was trained at the BMW GmbH headquarter in Munich and received his qualifications as a licenced BMW high performance driving instructor.

Cuddy also worked as a local instructor for defensive driving skills and slippery conditions vehicle handling; teaching oilfield workers how to safely drive their vehicles in all adverse conditions.  In 2013 he returned to racing and after building his rally car he starting racing in the Canadian rally championship and never looked back.

As you can see, his passion for motor sports and teaching has remained one of his top priorities in his life. He continues to share his knowledge and help new riders and drivers learn safe skills to better their confidence and experience.


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