Cuddy is the licenced Senior Instructor and has over 5 years of experience teaching in different motorcycle training schools in Calgary.


    One-on-one instruction  can be modified to be tailored to your needs


    He has over 30 years of experience of riding different style motorcycles in over 35 countries. He opened Shifting motorcycle school to give students an opportunity to learn safely in a controlled environment with small class sizes and with a personal touch.

Learn to Ride – (LTR) $595

This course is developed for ANYONE wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle for the first time, those whom have a bit of experience, and those whom have ridden before but perhaps it has been a few years or more since their last ride. The target of this program is to set you up with a very good and safe foundation skill level of riding to help you get your motorcycle licence.

Learn to Ride- Females only (LTRF) $595

During the season we will be providing some select dates where we will teach a course exclusively to women. We have found over the years of teaching that it can create a less intimidating learning environment and develop some great camaraderie. This course would be perfect for a group of friends all wanting to learn to ride together.

Basic Maintenance Course approx 1 hr (BMC) $120

This course is designed to give all riders the confidence to do minor work and repair on their motorcycle; things to check regularly, what needs to be lubricated, oil changes etc. We have found that knowing more about your motorcycle and how things work can be very empowering and helps gain confidence when riding as well as when you take your motorcycle in for bigger services.

Road Test Motorcycle Rentals ($80/ $120 )

For all our students that have graduated from our course, we can provide you with a motorcycle, helmet, jacket, and gloves if needed; delivered to the registry your are booked in with on the day in question. A fee of $80 will be applied for the delivery and use of our motorcycle for your test. To others wanting to rent a motorcycle for their road test, the fee is $120.

Learn to Ride – (LTR) $595
(LTR) $595
Learn to Ride
Females only (LTRF) $595
Basic Maintenance Course
approx 1 hr (BMC) $120
Road Test Motorcycle Rentals
$80/ $120


Shifting Motorcycle School is school based in Calgary started by Ryan Cuddy.

Cuddy is the licenced Senior Instructor and has over 5 years of experience teaching in different motorcycle training schools in Calgary. He has over 30 years of experience of riding different style motorcycles in over 35 countries. He opened Shifting motorcycle school to give students an opportunity to learn safely in a controlled environment with small class sizes and with a personal touch.

Cuddy has had a passion for teaching and racing his entire life. At a very young age growing up in Switzerland he migrated to anything that had an engine. Riding motorcycles for pleasure and for work. He worked as a medical motorcycle courier; having to deal with urgent deliveries while navigating traffic, narrow roads and local riding laws. All very instrumental in the development of his own safe riding skills and an important part of what he brings to the classes.

His enthusiasm for motor sports didn’t stop at motorcycles. When he was still living in Europe, he would regularly participate in local gymkhanas, hill climbs in the Swiss Alps and European road rallies. When he moved to Canada, he attended SAIT and completed the automotive service technology program and worked in various automotive shops. He later went to Germany and was trained at the BMW GmbH headquarter in Munich and received his qualifications as a licenced BMW high performance driving instructor.

Cuddy also worked as a local instructor for defensive driving skills and slippery conditions vehicle handling; teaching oilfield workers how to safely drive their vehicles in all adverse conditions.  In 2013 he returned to racing and after building his rally car he starting racing in the Canadian rally championship and never looked back.

As you can see, his passion for motor sports and teaching has remained one of his top priorities in his life. He continues to share his knowledge and help new riders and drivers learn safe skills to better their confidence and experience.


Only in November! Book learning and receive
a discount of $ 59

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Andry LincolnKevin G
Andry LincolnLauren Mazuryk
Andry LincolnJan C
Andry Lincoln Michael Fenton
Andry LincolnJohn McMahon
Andry LincolnLaura Elaine

Ryan is an awesome instructor. Very patient, very laid back but also very knowledgeable. The small group sizes are great - lots of time with the instructor. Would highly recommend him for anyone looking for basic or even advanced training. Thanks again, Ryan!

Kevin G

I did the learn to ride - women’s only class with shifting last summer. It was nice to have the small class size, I definitely benefited from having the extra attention, coaching and it was a great group. Ryan covered everything we needed and explained it all thoroughly. The time on the the lot was great and gave us the opportunity to practice the skills. I passed my exam the first time!

Lauren Mazuryk

The owner of the school is an awesome guy that has been teaching me how to drive cars and motorbikes now for years. I really enjoy his attention to details and teaching style. I totally recommend the school for you if your a beginner or advanced it’s definitely the best place to Learn!

Jan C

Thanks to Shifting and Ryan, for helping to see me through to my bike purchase, after the excellent training and skill growth from their classes. They helped with prospective bike selection, by taking the time to look at bike photos and particulars, and then explain what to look for, and what to look-out for! Great customer service and knowledge, and putting safety at the forefront. Thanks again, and I highly recommend the training put forth from this school.

Michael Fenton

I had a great experience learning to ride with a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher! I plan on taking more advanced classes with him and want to take my riding to the next level. Great class!

John McMahon

Thanks again to Ryan for this awesome weekend. Really enjoyed the small class and Ryan's calm and patient way of teaching made it easy to feel comfortable on the bike. Especially liked the slow speed excercises. They were very challenging but so fun! And also something lots of riders out there never learn... highly recommend this even for someone's who's been on a bike before!

Laura Elaine


  • What size group do you teach?
    A maximum of 5 students per instructor ratio will be taught.
  • Are there any penalties if I have to cancel my course?
    If you cancel 7 days prior to the classroom session, no additional charges will be applied. If you cancel the course fewer than 7 days prior to your scheduled classroom session, a re-scheduling and administrative fee of $65 will be applied.
  • Do I need to bring my own motorcycle?
    No, taking our course will enable you to use Shifting Motorcycle School’s motorcycles.
  • Can I use your motorcycle to take my road permit exam?
    Yes, if you take our course there is a discounted fee, see motorcycle rentals on the programs page.
  • Do I need any riding experience in order to take the courses?
    No, no previous riding experience is necessary. We focus on teaching students to ride without any prior knowledge.
  • Do you provide advance riding courses?
    At the moment there is no advance riding courses in the schedule, however you can book some one on one time with an instructor to learn more advanced skills or if you just would like some refresher information or if you would like to head out for rides on more winding roads. In the future, Shifting Motorcycle School will provide more advanced riding courses for riders whom have graduated from their program and/or riders that would like to learn more advanced riding skills. We will update our website and social media to let you know when these will be available.
  • Do I need to bring my own gear to take the course?
    Even though it is recommended that every student has their own personal ride by gear to wear for the courses; we understand that purchasing riding gear can be costly, especially when starting out in the sport. For this reason Shifting Motorcycle School may provide you with helmets, jackets and gloves to use during our courses. We have a limited number and sizes of helmets and jackets, so please make us aware of your needs in gear when you register for the course, and we will do our very best in accommodating.
  • What kind of footwear do I need?
    It is strongly recommended to have proper riding shoes/boots for your own safety. Should you not want to purchase proper riding shoes/boots, the bare minimum attire would be sturdy shoes or boots that cover your ankles. No sandals, open toed shoes will be tolerated. Avoid steel toed boots, as this will effect your feel with your left foot for the gear shifter.
  • Where do you teach the classroom sessions?
    In a professional boardroom close to our lot.
  • Where does the on-lot training take place?
    On our lot at 1925-18th avenue NE

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